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Learning to Walk the Tightrope

Writer’s block is a topic heavily discussed among writers of all sorts. It’s all-consuming and plunges you into a pit of frustration and, even, depression. You simply can’t move past the blank page that is in front of you, and the idea of moving forward leads to a feeling similar to stage fright. You choke. You feel embarrassed. You feel like you can’t do it anymore.

We all have experienced writer’s block in some shape or form, on some level. And with that experience we have found ways to overcome it. Free writing. Outlining. Drawing characters. Going out for a walk. Cooking a nice meal. Having a phone conversation with your mother. All of these are valid ways to cope. But what if your usual go-tos don’t work?

Gen Con – Indianapolis, IN 2016: Valuable Wisdom in Writer’s Block from Maurice Broaddus 


The conference room, which can hold up to…

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