A Snapback at Moni Kettler’s “How I Healed My ‘Bipolar Disorder'”

Learning to Walk the Tightrope

Healing–it means to make something feel better, to alleviate some physical, spiritual, or mental issue. This goes the same with curing and fixing. By the end of this process, we expect the problem to be gone.

The Mental Health community has emphasized that mental illness is similar to physical ailments yet is treated like it isn’t “real”. I am reminded of this comic.

physical-health-vs-mental-health-a-poem-by-pooky1 by Robot Hugs

I get it. There are some things that we can do to ease the symptoms, but it is a legit, possibly chronic illness with no cure (only treatment). You learn to live with it. You make compromises in your life to be healthy—-like compromising to eat one donut instead of five because you run the risk of numerous health issues when you eat irresponsibly. Responsible bikers wear helmets to protect their heads from being busted open on the pavement despite the fact that helmets…

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