We’re trying something new! Over the weekends, we’ll have writing prompts that you can respond to. Some will be goofy while others will focus on mindfulness. Today’s question is:

For me, every morning I put my meds in a zip-lock bag and head to work. On my way, I normally stop by a gas station and pick up a coffee/energy drink or a Yoo-Hoo. (LOVE YOO-HOOs) Occasionally, I’ll grab a slice of lemon cake. I take my meds at work with my drink. It’s a nice routine. It’s harder to keep routine when it’s the weekend. I tend to sleep later into the morning. I just kind of take it when I can, but it’s always with food in my stomach or some thicker beverage. Anything less than that and I just want to throw up.

So? What about you? Feel free to post in the comments!

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