Welcome to Mental Snapback! It has been a long time coming, and I am so glad you could join us. This is the first blog post ever, and we are hoping to create a great and diverse community of advocates and supporters.

At Mental Snapback, we focus on mental health and mental illness recovery. In particular, we like to talk about stories of addiction, mental illness recovery, and mental illness struggles. We even plan on starting a podcast soon so that we can share people’s stories and even have experts and advocates have a say in the talk about mental health.

Our stories are not just limited to those who suffer from these experiences. We also want to hear from those who are family and friends of individuals struggling. The battle of mental health does not just involve one person.

It takes a village…

abridged African proverb

We aim to build each other up through our shared experiences. We aim to find solace in each other, sympathy when needed, and empathy all the time. And even more so, we aim to be true activists to the cause of mental health! Any movements, gatherings, propositions, fundraisers, etc. are fair game—Please contact us for any of these opportunities and we will be happy to share and get the word going.

Thanks for sharing! Thanks for being you!

Peace out til next time.

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